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Hair Extensions- The Good, Bad, & Ugly

Hair Extensions- The Good, Bad, & Ugly

Ok ladies I dedicate this story to you. Not only do I want to inform you ALL about hair extensions, but I want to save you from a potential hair disaster or embarrassing moment!

LC Before Extensions

LC After Extensions

Hair extensions can dramatically change your look. Not everyone is blessed with hair that is able to grow long and thick, and extensions can give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of having…

Truth be told, some hair extensions can be damaging to your hair, but the fault may not all be on your hairstylist. When you get extensions, you must commit to really nurturing your new hair and caring for it. If you don’t, that’s when you can have some disastrous effects.

BAD Representation Of Hair Extensions

GOOD Representation Of Hair Extensions

If you are considering adding length to your hair, but aren’t ready for the commitment of hair extensions, clip- in’s may be the perfect solution for you. Clip-in hair pieces can be purchased at most wig stores, and some beauty supply stores. They are perfect for someone who only wants to add volume and length occasionally, like on the weekends, or for an event. WEAR CLIP-IN’S WITH CAUTION! You can’t sleep or swim with them, so save yourself the embarrassment and don’t wear them when trying to do either. I’ve seen clip-in pieces on the floor at a club, in the bathroom at a restaurant, in the pool in Las Vegas.. yup.

NOTE: Be sure your clip-in’s match your own hair! I see it ALL the time… a girl with light brown hair with lots of gold highlights, wearing bleach blonde clip-in pieces. It looks so unnatural and is screaming FAKE! If you have different tones of color in your hair, then your clip-in’s must have different tones too.


Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you find yourself becoming addicted to your clip-in’s and wearing them almost every day, it’s probably time to start shopping around for a more permanent method…

Hair extensions are an investment…

There are many different types of extensions, all different price ranges and qualities, and I encourage you to do some homework and shop around to find a method and a hairstylist that seems best for you. I get emails daily with the same question over and over, “How much do hair extensions cost?” Though I understand this is a very important question that needs to be answered, it’s not as simple as that. Price varies depending on many things, and you need to learn all about them to better understand where your money is going.

Kim’s Hair Extensions Are Flawless!

Generally your biggest investment when getting hair extensions is the hair. If the hair is really cheap, then it probably won’t last very long, and you will have to replace it frequently. The better the quality, the longer it will last. If the hair is expensive, then that means it definitely should last you a long time. If a stylist is charging you $2500 for extensions, and says you have to replace the hair every few months, then she is ripping you off. Hair that is that price should last you up to a year.

Once you have hair extensions installed in your hair, you will need them to be “maintenanced” every few months. This means as your own hair grows, so do the extensions, and after about 2 months it’s time to move the extensions back up to your scalp. This is an additional service so it’s important to consider this when investing in hair extensions.

As for the types of hair extensions, there are many, and I don’t want to bash any one type in particular. My belief is if you trust your hairstylist, have seen their portfolio of hair extension work, and feel confident in them, then go for it! Everyone has their own personal preference, and whatever works best for you works best for you. I always encourage clients to come in to my salon to meet me, see the extensions I have in my own head, feel them, and I’ll even put one extension in their own hair so they can see how it’s done and feel it for themselves. ALWAYS SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION BEFORE GETTING HAIR EXTENSIONS! This is a must, and I won’t even order hair until consulting with my client. It’s not like you’re getting plastic surgery or permanently changing your life forever, however extensions aren’t cheap, and you need to feel good about your new hair awaiting you!

Katy’s New Long Hair!

Important Questions To Ask Your Stylist

1. Am I a good candidate for hair extensions?

You need to be sure that your hair can even handle hair extensions. Bad candidates include: someone losing their hair, someone whose hair is too short for installation, someone with severely damaged hair.

2. How long will the hair last?

Be sure you are getting what you are paying for! The hair extensions I do cost $2000, but the hair lasts you at least a year! If a stylists offers you a cheap deal, but you need to purchase hair every 3 months, it’s probably not worth it. Do the math in your head, and be smart about this! With extensions, you generally get what you pay for…

3. What will the maintenance be?

Depending on the method of extensions, they do require some maintenance. As your own hair grows, so do the extensions, and you need to be informed how often you will be sitting in your stylists chair and what the cost of this service is.

4. What is the potential damage of the hair extensions they offer?

Your stylist should be able to answer this quickly and honestly. And if they have extensions, they should show you the condition of their own hair. If you have a well experienced stylist with a great reputation for doing hair extensions, and you care for your hair as you are told to, your hair will be fine and you shouldn’t be in fear of damage. But be sure they make you feel comfortable in this and find a way to prove to you are you are in good hands.

5. What does the initial cost include? Are there any hidden charges?

Once hair extensions are installed you will need a “blending” haircut to finish off the service. I include this in my service charge, but I have had a stylist sniper in that additional charge on me, without me realizing it wasn’t included in the price ( unfortunately even though I do extensions, I can’t do my own!). My philosophy is if you are my client, I will take care of you, and if there is ever going to be an additional charge for a service offered, you will be informed of that. Just look out for yourself, that’s all!

J Lo’s Extensions Are Fab!





Vanessa’s Extensions Are Perfect!


Everyone who desires mermaid hair deserves it ;)


  1. domino says:

    LOVE this article! You deliver all the information a client needs flawlessly :) Awesome blog Sherri!

  2. Melinda says:

    Well put…..could’nt have said it better myself. ;-) Your doing amazing work and I’m so proud of ya!!!!! xoxo

  3. Jen says:

    OK….first of all, LOVE that Kim K. has extensions – had NO idea, and that makes me feel soooooo much better. Also, so sad about my poor Brit Brit – her hair is a disaster! Wha-waww……

    I’m so committed to doing these, just get my mind around the upkeep…but getting very close, ha! It’s like a new boyfriend. Though, I would ONLY have Sherri do my extensions, I’m not messing around and coming out looking like Britney.

    PS – I hate hidden charges!!! Says alot about your character that you don’t do that…..LOVE IT!

  4. Carrie says:

    LOVE the clip ins Sherri advised me to get. They offer me two different looks and allow me to be lazy with my hair when going to work and fabulous when I’m ready to hit the town. But if I keep wearing them as I am, I may soon be making the permanent investment. :)

  5. Tanya says:

    Sheri did an excellent job with my extensions. When it comes to extensions, you really need to be confident about who you let install them. All that glitters is not gold! I’ve spent ridiculous amounts of money on extensions with horrible and yes, even painful, results. The only thing that can remedy hair that’s been ripped out and broken off is time… and we all know how long it takes to grown your hair out. With that being said, you have to be extremely careful with selecting your stylist!

  6. erin mchale says:

    What do you think about weaves? Are they less damaging than individual strand hair extensions?

    • Sherri says:

      Hi Erin

      Personally I do not do weaves, but in some people case they work out great for them. A track of hair extension hair is far more heavy than individual strands though, so you need to have very strong hair to handle a weave. All extensions comes down to the care used when the stylist is installing, and how the client cares for the extensions at home.

  7. Taylor says:

    I’ve work clip ins just about every day for the last two years and i love them. i always feel like people can tell, but people i’ve known for months are always saying, “i didn’t know you wore extensions” so, i would def reccomend clip ins to anyone.

  8. Nikki says:

    Hi Sherri, thank u so very much for this article. I’ve been wearing a wig now for a few months due to hair loss conducive to my inability to just be happy with what I HAD. Which WAS long beautiful hair. Instead I kept hi-lighting & coloring it. Anyway you taught me that my hair is in NO condition to handle permanent extensions right now. I just purchased clip-ins. Hopefully they’ll work for me. Thanx again for the FAB article!!

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